Individual Sessions

Individual sessions , which holds Veet Mano (only for participants of group programs !) .

Types of sessions:

– Emotional problems (blocks , fears, depression , aggression , resentment, search yourself , irritability , decreased libido, loss of interest in life)

– Smoking, algokolizm , addiction , obesity , anorexia, depending

– Relationship issues and couples counseling

– Work with the body (neck , back)

Recording session in Moscow temporarily suspended. Infos and email Tel: 8-916-6886853 , Usha , Nastya .

Sessions related in Moscow facilitates Ma Shanti Usha (Daria Smirnova ) – student Veet Mano Osho sannyasin since 2005 , psychologist, Gestalt therapist , business coach, certified specialist to facilitate Osho meditation and therapy ., Venue Cultural Center White Clouds from 10:00 to 18:00 . Booking a session on email and tel: 8-916-688 8-926-219 68 53 and 86 05 .

Excerpts from an interview with the magazine for Veet Mano “Itogi”,

# number 52 of December 22, 2008

“One of the most important demands of contemporary people – emotional balance : how to learn to recognize and express their emotions , the conflicting feelings, not to accumulate stress, work more accurately and efficiently at work, home and in all situations that challenge us every day ?

Recipes a lot, but I love the story about the father of the great Russian mystic George Gurdjieff . Shortly before his death, he asked his son to give him a promise : when he really angry or offended at someone , let wait 24 hours before answering . The idea is that over the time to go watch the situation ” processing ” in the shower and did not provoke hasty or inappropriate reaction , which people will bitterly regret later . This wisdom has helped me many times in different situations – because in life we so often blindly rip off the emotions on each other than inflict great harm relations with the people around us .

At the same time suffer not only emotional , but also physical well-being .

One with another closely related . Remember Osho said that many problems of our physical body start at internal energy or mental body. My experience confirms the truth of his words. For 30 years I have studied and practiced a number of methods of healing. One of them – a deep body work and stress relief from back and neck. Many people come as a recent and persistent problem. I can help them, worked and removing blocks, congestion , pain or stiffness in the back.

Maybe you will be properly called ” doctor “?

I would prefer to leave the word “doctor” for people who work in traditional medicine and can be very effective in their work . It is important to only see clearly at the outset what kind of help or therapy required a specific person at a given time . Even the best doctor will not help if the patient is not suitable method of treatment , which he was trained. Therefore, the work that I do, is new to many people and gives them the opportunity to experience the dimension not usually involved in medical practice . I would call myself a “man with a diverse approach to health and problem solving .” If you learn to solve problems at the level of energy, then the treatment will flow much easier. For example, full of people reached the greatest success in life , and suddenly he found a sleep disorder . Certainly begin to address this need psychological and emotional problems as early as possible . If this man can wait 4-5 years , relying on sleeping with their diverse side effects , it will lose a lot of precious time during which could enjoy full health. For example, recently in China to my session came one very famous person . He flew in for 3000 kilometers, so when I heard that I can solve his problem with his back. It is interesting that he was aware of his back pain, but the fact that he smoked five packs of cigarettes a day, regarded them as a problem ! He just liked to smoke, but he did not know that smoking was his way of avoiding the pain of deep emotional trauma , which he received from his father when he was a child and could not fend for themselves. When he realized the depth of the problem , then refused to move from years of smoking habits. Gone and tormenting his back pain.

What is the sequence of your work with people seeking help ?

The first step is determining what is the problem that a man came , and what may be hidden problems of which he is not currently aware . After this session begins . Usually work with the body , while simultaneously giving the keys to the patient how to deal with threatening his health destructive habits – low mobility , sitting in an uncomfortable position , eating, transport of loads , etc. Lots of talking with the patient , acquiring a deep understanding of his inner life . Then we can begin to meditate or to work with emotions, that if there is a need . At the end of the session always give the patient a series of recommendations on how he can help themselves in everyday life. If this is a serious chronic problem constituting the patient detailed work plan on himself, to make it more consciously and confidently manage their own healing process .

Heal thyself ? Is this possible ?

Practicing meditation , anyone can get their own unique experience and become a true healer himself. Any technology has much to offer , if you go into it totally, selflessly and with an open heart . Each method makes sense to practice at least three months before we can say definitely , it suits you or not. And it’s important not to forget to enjoy the process of meditation, to receive from him the maximum pleasure and positive emotions ! Life is very unpredictable and sometimes very difficult. If you are with a maximum intelligence and understanding meet the challenges that it throws you , then positive results will not take long . “

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